Monday, May 30, 2011

Making an Impact

Well, after a super long weekend (which I shouldn't even be complaining about because I didn't run), and it seemed an even longer day today which I know wasn't my best day, and I'm sure most of you share my sentiment, I came home to an email from another runner who is a complete stranger to us who said that he saw our signs and verses that we left up in the forest and that he was so thankful for what they said. He mentioned that despite the fog and darkness of his last few laps, our signs meant a lot to him and he couldn't have finished the race without God's help. I emailed him back and gave him a little more background of why we ran, but that email really just made my day to know that other people noticed and we were able to be a spiritual impact on someone even when we weren't even there! That just confirmed everything we did this year and reminded me why we were there. Thanks to Norm who made those signs and came up with the idea.

I hope everyone is feeling a bit better. It was an amazing weekend and year and I am proud to be a part of the team. God is sooooo good! You all mean a lot to me and thank you for pushing me and changing my life this year.

Hannah :)

Live Blog Post #9- The Finish (12:01 AM)

Caleb staggered into the finish line at 12:01 AM eastern time, stopping the clock at 18:01.50.

His lap time was 2:08.32

From all the people involved with 100-Mile Mission for Missions, thank you for your prayer and support throughout the past year, and especially on race day.

Pictures will follow later in the week.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Live Blog Post #8- Levi/Caleb (9:53 start)

Live Blog Post #8- Levi/Caleb

We have one runner left. Caleb is out there finishing it off.

Levi came in to much fanfare with a great time time of 2:02.45

Caleb is now running.

It's now dark, and Caleb is running with lights. Pray that he can keep to the trail and finish strong.

Live Blog Post #7- Patti/Levi (7:50 start)

Patti took a wrong turn and ended up doing 30k. She finished it with a fabulous time of 2:52.09.

Levi is now running.

The sun is setting and the temperature is dropping as our final two runners (Levi and Caleb) prepare to run in the dark.

More updates later tonight.

Live Blog Post #6- Tim/Patti (4:50 start)

Live Blog Post #6- Tim/Patti

Tim finished his 20k with a time of 2:14.12, in seventh place in the relay.

Patti is now running.

The temperature is now steady at 18 degrees.

More updates throughout the day

Live Blog Post #5- Calvin/Tim (2:36 start)

We're now done half our runners with a time of 8:36.46

Calvin finished his 20k with a time of 2:17.52, in seventh place in the relay

Tim is now running

The temperature has now climbed to 18 degrees, and the sun has finally shown its face.

More updates throughout the day.

Live Blog Post #4- Abbey/Calvin (12:19 start)

Abbey finished her 20k with a time of 2:21.38, in third place in the relay.

Calvin is now running.

The temperature is now up to 14 degrees.

More updates throughout the day.

3/8 runners completed.

Live Blog Post #3- Beracha/Abbey (10:00 start)

Beracha finished her 20k with a time of 2:17.21 in fourth place for the relay.

Abbey is now running.

The temperature is a steady 11 degrees.

More updates throughout the day.

Live Blog Post #2- Peter/Beracha (7:35 start)

Peter finished his 20k with a time of 1:35.18, in second place for the relay.

Beracha is now running, 5 minutes off the lead.

More updates throughout the day.

Live Blog Post #1-Peter (6:00 am start)

After meeting at 5:30 for prayer, we sent Peter off with cheers at 6:00 am.

He hit the first checkpoint with a time of 14 minutes, in a group of four runners and leading the 100-mile relay.

More updates throughout the day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Live Blog from Race!

Tomorrow is race day! We are just 8 hours away!

Lord willing, we will be doing a live blog from the race site, posting lap times, course conditions, and the current runner.

The running order for tomorrow's race is:

Peter Burrill -start time 6:00 am
Beracha Knor
Abbey Tyrrell
Calvin Bakker
Tim Wyatt
Patti Wood
Levi Tyrrell
Caleb Knor

Monday, May 23, 2011

Car Wash and Yard Sale/Bake Sale for Haiti SUCCESS!

Last Saturday, we held a car wash and bake/yard sale to raise money for 100-Mile Mission for Missions. God gave us great weather, and we had great success. At the end of the day, when we counted the receipts, we earned nearly $1,500!! Thanks to everyone that participated and "did what they could" to help us.

Mark your calendars, because the next yard sale is June 18.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Car Wash and Yard Sale/Bake Sale for Haiti THIS SATURDAY!

This Saturday, May 21, the 100-Mile Mission Team and the people of New Testament Baptist Church are holding a car wash and yard/bake sale to help the children in Haiti.

Rather than set prices for the car wash or yard/bake sales, we've decided to do it on a donation basis, letting you decide how much you want to pay for an item, and what you will do to support the children in Haiti.

The event will be held at New Testament Baptist Church, located at 21 Jameston Avenue. (click map for larger size)

Hope to see you there!